Eagles News · Welcome Back from Etowah Sports Medicine!

Kirby Bertram and Alex King, your EHS Athletic Trainers, would like to welcome back all of our athletes for the 2018-2019 school year. For those upperclassmen returning we look forward to another year taking care of you and watching your success! For those underclassmen joining Eagle teams for the first time know we are a tool to keep you in the game and off the sideline and help you reach your potential while staying healthy! On our website you will find information about our on campus Sports Medicine Staff, our Team Physicians, off campus Rehab partners, and all the tools at our disposal to keep our athletes healthy and help them return to play faster when an athletic injury does occur.


Please read our sport specific welcome letters to learn about what we do on campus and what we offer and how we need your help in your athletes success. https://etowaheagles.org/sports-medicine/athletic-training-facilities/parent-pre-season-sports-medicine-letters/

See the staff members dedicated to making sure all of our athletes receive the highest standard of care to stay in the game or get back quickly and safely. https://etowaheagles.org/sports-medicine/athletic-training-facilities/parent-pre-season-sports-medicine-letters/

Learn about the Hospital that has made it’s mission to care for everyone in Cherokee county from the youth deserving professional sports medicine care to their parents and grandparents offering a lifetime of care in multiple disciplines. https://www.northside.com/oth/Page.asp?PageID=OTH006729

Get involved with our electronic medical record platform which streamlines the communication between Athletic Trainers, Parents, Coaches, our Northside Hospital Physician and Rehab Partners all to provide the highest quality and expedited care for your athlete. https://etowaheagles.org/healthy-roster/


We look forward to another banner year for Etowah Athletics and our part in keeping our athletes in the game! GO EAGLES!